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  • Post Quarantine…?
    It has been several months since I completed my Well-Tempered Quarantine – a set of 12 preludes and fugues inspired by JS Bach. And finished making videos of my performances and commentaries on same. Since then I’ve been at work on the admin and...
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  • Back to the Future of the 90s
    During the 1990s I kept a clipping file (actual paper with words on it, clipped from magazines and newspapers) about musical and cultural issues. Recently I’ve been thinning out old folders, a pandemic pastime. Among the hundreds of clips, I’m struck by a bunch...
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The style is eclectic and the piece is pictorially vivid.”

—The Times of London


An evening of one-act operas that proudly luxuriate in the spirit of the Renaissance.”

—The New York Times


An orchestral construction that was extremely intriguing and satisfying in its tonal complexity.”

—Knoxville Metropulse


 Hosannas announces itself as a kind of concerto for orchestra in miniature. It also works as a brilliant fanfare, a fitting way to start a new century of orchestral music in Reading.

—Reading Eagle


Kept the audience in the kind of high state of excitement that may exist in Paradise for those of us lucky enough to get there.

—Greenfield Recorder


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About Theodore Wiprud

theodore wiprud composer

As a composer, concert presenter, educator, and music executive, Theodore Wiprud has played many important roles in the musical life of New York City and the United States since the 1980s.

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