Violiin Concerto No. 2, on the brink (2023)

A five-movement concerto, composed for Elissa Cassini, exploring climate grief and pathways to hope

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Piri Concerto (2023)

A three-movement concerto, composed for gamin, playing piri, saenghwang,  and taepyongso

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Elemental (2021)

An open-form work composed with Michael Begay and Jeff Paul.

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Mysteria (2021)

A quintet for percussion and string quartet.

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The Well-Tempered Quarantine: Preludes and Fugues (2021)

A set of twelve preludes and fugues composed during the COVID 19 Pandemic in homage to Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier.

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Upcoming Events


American Violin Concertos

american violin concertos theodore wiprud ittai shapira katrina

Violin Concerto (Katrina) performed by Ittai Shapira and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

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gamin nong theodore wiprud

The first recording of Wiprud's Mudang for p'iri and strings, by dedicatee gamin and string quartet ETHEL.

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Fire In Heaven And Earth

fire in heaven and earth theodore wiprud

The first recording devoted to the composer's work, featuring four works of vocal, chamber, and orchestral music.

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