An open-form work composed with Michael Begay and Jeff Paul.

Any numbers of instruments or voices / 15+ min.

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Program Note

Elemental, composed with Michael Begay and Jeff Paul, invites players of any instruments to assume the roles of Water, Earth, Fire, or Wind, and to interact with each other using the bits of melody, harmony, and rhythm we’ve provided.  The result varies widely with the players, from a searching euphony, to a jazz vibe, to explorations in extended technique.  Commissioned as part of the Biophony project of the Metropolis Ensemble, Elemental was performed at least ten times in outdoor pop-up concerts in green spaces in New York City in summer 2021, and as part of a grand finale at Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  Elemental and dozens of other new “biomes” are available for performance through Metropolis Ensemble.