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American Journal (2001-2007)

Set to the poetry of Robert Hayden, the journal entries of an extraterrestrial investigating what is an American.

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“Non piu andrai” (2006)

An arrangement of an aria from Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro. Composed for the Brooklyn Philharmonic‘s First Saturdays.

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Brooklyn Variations (2004-2005)

A piano trio or quartet composed for members of the Brooklyn Philharmonic, using an original theme based on the initials of “Robert Spano, Music Director, Brooklyn Philharmonic.”

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Moondog Madrigals (2004)

Realization of canons by Louis Hardin, aka Moondog, for voice and string quartet. Composed for the Brooklyn Philharmonic’s Music Off The Walls.

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Hustle (2003)

An arrangement of the second movement of the Saxophone Quartet for bassoons or clarinets.

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American Violin Concertos

american violin concertos theodore wiprud ittai shapira katrina

Violin Concerto (Katrina) performed by Ittai Shapira and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

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gamin nong theodore wiprud

The first recording of Wiprud's Mudang for p'iri and strings, by dedicatee gamin and string quartet ETHEL.

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Fire In Heaven And Earth

fire in heaven and earth theodore wiprud

The first recording devoted to the composer's work, featuring four works of vocal, chamber, and orchestral music.

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